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  • 1.What will be the experience of driver placed?
    Depends on type of service .For permanent drivers we shortlist drivers having minimum 3 years experience and for temporary drivers having experience of minimum 8 years.
  • 2.Will the recruited driver will do additional activities like washing my car,etc?
    If you want your driver to do the above mention activity you have to pay him additional charges if he is willing to do so.
  • 3.How you come to know about the drivers driving skill?
    We come to know about the driver driving ability by his previous employers whom we call and cross check, however we send the driver for trail and interview with every client so that they can personally check his driving before selecting the driver incase of permanent driver service.
  • 4.Do you provide driver uniform ?
    If you want your permanent driver in uniform you have to pay extra charge for it.
  • 5.What is the procedure for driver verification?
    We check his document and cross verify by calling his previous employer, relatives and friend.
  • 6. What if I hire a driver on trial basis? If I am not satisfied with the driver service then what.
    You need to first inform the respective co-ordinater that you need to keep the driver on trial basis for few days and you have to pay him for the number of working days as per his per day salary. .
  • 7. What if driver theft any things from the car?
    It will be a robbery case hence you have to lodge a police complaint
  • 8. What if the placed driver cause damage to the car or does the car accident?
    The charges taken by us are towards the placement of driver and not for the car insurance.In this case car insurance is to be availed and we will assit you by providing photocopy of driver driving license.
  • 9. What if Driver ran away with my car who will be responsible?
    As it is a case of robbery you have to lodge a police complaint against the driver. We will assits you by providing driver details and the company does not take the responsibility for the criminal act.
  • 10.What is the guarantee that the driver does not leave the job after the replacement gaurantee period overs?
    It completely depends on the relation between you and your driver, if the driver is happy working for you he may continue for a long time until he gets a much better opportunity. We dont take guarantee for this as it is not in our control, you may however ask for reference of our customers where the driver is still working after membership get over.
  • 11. What if the drivers ask to increase the salary after few months?
    Though the driver is briefed about the package before placing however if he ask for an increase you may inform the concerned co-ordinater in the company.
  • 12. What if the driver leaves the job after taking advance?
    We do not encourage our clients to give advance to the driver however if he need for urgent purpose you may give him salary only for the number of days he has worked and not more than that.